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panic at the disco
"spencer..." ryan said annoyed.
"yes...." spencer said like three-year-old.
"give me back my steak.." ryan held out his hand.
"but...butt....its my emo-buddy... see.. its bloody!" spencer shouted pointing to the steak in his hand.
"well if u get it back i can make it an extreme emo!" if spencer was gonna be stupid ryan was gonna act stupid.
"how!?!? he'd luv that!"
"i'll eat him! now give him back before i stab u with my fork.." whenever they had dinner this is how it always happens. spencer ends up stealing someones food and if its meat, its his 'emo-buddy' and if its not meat its his 'vegan buddy'. usually he steals my food so im suprised he didnt steal my food.
"SPENCER GIVE HIM THE DAMN STEAK BEFORE I KILL YOU WITH ONE!" i was getting annoyed. and spencer is afraid of me, so i use my evil powers of scariness to control spencer. with wide eyes staring at me he slowly handed ryan the steak.
"yes ma'am...ray lady...." he slowly sat back down. and started to eat his own steak. yes my n
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Vices Virtues Take a Vacation
So many of us have been thinking of Vices & Virtues as a sort of "response" to Take a Vacation! (from a Rydon/Ryden viewpoint). And if you haven't, it's about time you started. Because, honestly, there are some serious parallels you need consider.
First, I'm going to go back to the whole "summer fling" theory, as demonstrated by the numerous references to summer in a multitude of Panic! at the Disco, starting with their second album, Pretty. Odd.
"He fell in love in the middle of summer." –When the Day Met the Night
"Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, when summer lasted longer than we do." –Folkin' Around
"Fall comes early and summer leaves." –From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins
This trend continues into their most recent album, Vices & Virtues.
"When July became December, their affection fought the cold, but they couldn't quite remember what inspired them to go." –Memories
"Put another ex on the calendar
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sun and moon
you were my sun
and i was your moon
you promised to never fall
too bad you broke in two
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Camisado : prologue.
It's one in the morning.
Ryan collapses into Brendon's arms as soon as he opens the door,his frail body shaking against the other boy's broad chest.Brendon looks down at him with wide eyes and asks what's wrong as he hesitantly starts stroking Ryan's light brown locks.When Ryan finally stops sobbing and he lifts his head,Brendon gasps; he's never seen him this beat up before.
"Ry." he whispers,becoming teary-eyed.He doesn't have to ask who did this to him; he already knows.And if he wasn't currently aching for his friend,he'd be furious. "Come on,let's.Let's get you in the shower."
Now,it's not like this is the first time that Brendon's had to bathe Ryan.And this definately isn't the first time that Ryan's gone to Brendon for refuge from his father back home.So it's not really a big deal when Brendon picks Ryan up in his arms and pads up the staircase,gently kicking open the bathroom door with his foot and carefully setting Ryan on the closed toilet seat.
He chews on the inside of his
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Panic At The Disco - Press by kRazYgloo Panic At The Disco - Press :iconkrazygloo:kRazYgloo 273 73 Pas De Chevel-PanicAtTheDisco by vanquished-intuition Pas De Chevel-PanicAtTheDisco :iconvanquished-intuition:vanquished-intuition 15 12 My PanicAtTheDisco Shoes by MissLey My PanicAtTheDisco Shoes :iconmissley:MissLey 41 253 PANIC AT THE DISCO 01 by revenantmedia PANIC AT THE DISCO 01 :iconrevenantmedia:revenantmedia 504 48 Panic at the Disco 2 by shaufan Panic at the Disco 2 :iconshaufan:shaufan 476 97 Panic at the disco by DanceDamage Panic at the disco :icondancedamage:DanceDamage 605 62
This is the story of how a band saves a life.
You don’t know when you first see them.
When you first see them, they are a couple boys with weird hair and a band, and at least one of them is potentially gay. When you first see them, you notice the imperfections because humans are judgmental and that’s the way it is. When you first see them, everything is so empty.
And maybe days pass, months, years before they become more to you than another picture of people you don’t particularly care about. Maybe things get better, but chances are, they get worse.
You are looking for a hand to reach out and pull you up from the dark, and no one is coming.
The first time you hear them, maybe you begin to know.
It might not be consciously, and you might have battles to win and lose before you understand. But the first time you hear them, there will be a molten changing inside of you. Something, some part of you will recognize that this moment, this second, the rhythm thrumming in your chest and the drum beat
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PanicAtTheDisco by MonstersOnTheField PanicAtTheDisco :iconmonstersonthefield:MonstersOnTheField 5 4 PanicAtTheDisco-FC Contest by RydenVeins PanicAtTheDisco-FC Contest :iconrydenveins:RydenVeins 22 7 panicatthedisco by uzumaky panicatthedisco :iconuzumaky:uzumaky 8 1 MCR childhood by darkwaylovesMCR MCR childhood :icondarkwaylovesmcr:darkwaylovesMCR 102 24
MCR Fans, Do You...
MCR Fans, Do You…
1. Think you have a sixth sense for finding things MCR related in stores, online, in a magazine, etc.?
2. Hate the Daily Mail with a passion?
3. Own a biography on MCR and if so, refer to it as your bible?
4. Ever seriously think of making a religion based on MCR?
5. Stare intently into cars with New Jersey license plates in case the guys and their families happen to be in them?
6. Feel a strong sense of pride and loyalty to New Jersey even though you're not from there?
7. Aren't bothered that some people don't like MCR because it's their own problem that they'll never know how great they are?
8. Find yourself watching clips of concerts online and notice you get absorbed in it and have started clapping, cheering, and singing along?
9. Know that Frank's last name is misspelled in the ending credits of the I'm Not Okay music video?
10. Love Gerard's crazy and awesome hair colours?
11. Know a certain awesome clip from the concert at Pier Pressure right before Gerard
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Gerard Way - Revenge Era (my username is aleina but my real name is Ashlee so don't think that I stole this art from online. I simply used a picture from google for reference. :)


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I really like bands. Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens, twenty one pilots, Melanie Martinez, and Avenged Sevenfold. ;)🎶💕


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